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Let's get started on your next project.

Our work reaches around the world.

Wittrock has been proudly based in the United States since 1963. Our family owned business is committed creating high quality architectural solutions for our high end commercial and residential clients. 

With 75 employees, and a 110,000 square foot facility, Wittrock can accommodate world wide installations, including Canada, Europe, Japan, and West Asia.

Our certified commitment to quality.

Wittrock fabricates to meet or exceed the AWI premium standards, and currently holds the following Quality Certification Program licenses:

QCP License 5 | Factory Finishing

QCP License 6.1 | Standing and Running Trim

QCP License 6.2 | Frames

QCP License 6.3 | Exterior Windows and Screens

QCP License 6.4 | Interior Shutters and Blinds

QCP License 6.5 | Ornamental Work

QCP License | Standing and Running Trim: Installation

QCP License | Frame: Installation

QCP License | Exterior Window: Installation

QCP License | Interior Shutters and Blinds: Installation

QCP License | Ornamental Work: Installation

QCP License | Stairwork and Rails

QCP License | Stairwork and Rails: Installation

QCP License 8.1 | Wall Paneling: Wood Veneered

QCP License 8.2 | Wall Paneling: Stile and Rail Wood

QCP License 8.3 | Wall Paneling: HPDL

QCP License 8.4 | Solid Surface (SS) Wall Surfacing (Paneling)

QCP License 8.5 | Phenolic Wall Surfacing (Paneling)

QCP License | Installation of 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, 8.4 and/or 8.5

QCP License 9.1 | Architectural Doors: Flush Wood Veneered

QCP License 9.2 | Architectural Doors: Stile and Rail Wood

QCP License | Architectural Doors: Installation

QCP License 10.1 | Casework: Wood Veneered

QCP License 10.2 | Casework: Stile and Rail Wood

QCP License 10.3 | Casework: HPDL, Solid Phenolic

QCP License | Casework: Installation

QCP License 11.1 | Plastic Laminate (HPDL) Countertops

QCP License 11.2 | Wood Countertops

QCP License 11.3 | Solid Surface Countertops

QCP License 11.4 | Solid Phenolic Countertops

QCP License 11.5 | Epoxy Resin Countertops

QCP License 11.6 | Natural/Manufactured Stone Countertops

QCP License | Countertops: Installation

QCP License 12 | Historic Restoration Work (& Installation)

17,000 square feet of finishing space.

Quality from start to finish is the reason Wittrock Woodworking as dedicated 17,000 square feet of our shop to finishing space.


A team of experienced craftsmen.

Averaging 15 years within the company, our dedicated team is committed to completing high quality projects for our clients.

Integrating new technology.

Integrating best practices with new technology has allowed Wittrock Woodworking to take a process driven approach to architectural woodworking. 


Highly skilled installers.

Our highly skilled finishing carpenters and specialty contractors perform installations on an international scale.

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